Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

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Fraser Coast Regional ecosystem information

Regional Ecosystem   12.3.8


Priority   1

Short Description  Swamps with Cyperus spp., Schoenoplectus spp. and Eleocharis spp.


Comments  Many small areas not mapped at 1:100 000 scale. Important for water birds and freshwater invertebrates and vertebrates such as tortoises. Many shallower seasonal water bodies in the region have been drained or have become silted. Naturalised species associated with this regional ecosystem include *Cenchrus purpurascens. Generally a palustrine wetland although also includes larger areas of lacustrine water bodies, particularly in association with modifications to hydrology associated with construction of bunding and levees.

Special Values  Provides wetland habitat for a plant and fauna.

Fraser Coast region distribution  Mapped in scattered location across the mainland part of the region.

Long Description  Swamps with characteristic species including Cyperus spp., Schoenoplectus spp., Philydrum lanuginosum, Eleocharis spp., Leersia hexandra, Cycnogeton procerus, Nymphaea spp., Nymphoides indica, Persicaria spp., Phragmites australis, Typha spp. and a wide range of sedges grasses or forbs. Emergent Melaleuca spp. may sometimes occur. Occurs in freshwater swamps associated with floodplains. (BVG1M: 34c)

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