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11 search results for "Cactaceae"

Status Scientific Name Common Name Family Image
* Acanthocereus tetragonus climbing cactus Cactaceae
* Harrisia tortuosa harrisia cactus Cactaceae
* Hylocereus undatus night blooming cactus Cactaceae
* Nopalea cochenillifera cochineal nopal cactus Cactaceae photo
* Opuntia anahuacensis beach prickly pear cactus Cactaceae
* Opuntia aurantiaca tiger pear Cactaceae
* Opuntia microdasys bunny ears cactus Cactaceae
* Opuntia monacantha drooping prickly pear Cactaceae photo
* Opuntia stricta prickly pear Cactaceae photo
* Opuntia tomentosa velvety tree pear Cactaceae photo
* Pereskia aculeata leaf cactus Cactaceae
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Based on Census of the Queensland Flora.