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Qld Status Scientific Name Common Name Family Image
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* Agrostis stolonifera creeping bentgrass Poaceae
* Aira cupaniana silvery hairgrass Poaceae
C Alloteropsis semialata cockatoo grass Poaceae photo
C Ancistrachne uncinulata hooky grass Poaceae
* Andropogon virginicus whiskey grass Poaceae photo
C Anthosachne kingiana subsp. multiflora common wheatgrass Poaceae
C Aristida acuta wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida benthamii var. benthamii wiregrass Poaceae photo
C Aristida benthamii var. spinulifera wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida calycina var. calycina dark wiregrass Poaceae photo
C Aristida calycina var. filifolia dark wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida calycina var. praealta dark wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida caput-medusae many-headed wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida gracilipes wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida holathera var. holathera erect kerosene grass Poaceae
C Aristida lignosa wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida personata purple wire-grass Poaceae
C Aristida queenslandica var. dissimilis wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida queenslandica var. queenslandica wiregrass Poaceae photo
C Aristida ramosa purple wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida spuria wiregrass Poaceae
C Aristida vagans three-awn speargrass Poaceae
C Aristida warburgii wiregrass Poaceae photo
* Arrhenatherum elatius var. bulbosum bulbous oat grass Poaceae
V Arthraxon hispidus var. hispidus hairy jointgrass Poaceae
C Arundinella montana mountain reed grass Poaceae
C Arundinella nepalensis reedgrass Poaceae photo
C Austrostipa pubescens spear grass Poaceae
C Austrostipa ramosissima stout bamboo grass Poaceae photo
* Avena fatua wild oats Poaceae
* Axonopus compressus broad-leaved carpet grass Poaceae photo
* Axonopus fissifolius narrow-leaved carpet grass Poaceae photo
* Bambusa vulgaris common bamboo Poaceae photo
C Bothriochloa bladhii subsp. bladhii forest bluegrass Poaceae photo
C Bothriochloa decipiens var. cloncurrensis pitted bluegrass Poaceae
C Bothriochloa decipiens var. decipiens pitted bluegrass Poaceae photo
C Bothriochloa erianthoides satintop grass Poaceae
* Bothriochloa insculpta creeping bluegrass Poaceae
C Bothriochloa macra redleg grass Poaceae
* Bothriochloa pertusa Indian bluegrass Poaceae
* Briza maxima quaking grass Poaceae photo
* Briza minor shivery grass Poaceae
* Bromus catharticus prairie grass Poaceae
C Capillipedium parviflorum scented top Poaceae photo
C Capillipedium spicigerum spicytop Poaceae photo
* Cenchrus americanus pearl millet Poaceae
C Cenchrus caliculatus hillside burrgrass Poaceae
* Cenchrus ciliaris buffel grass Poaceae photo
* Cenchrus clandestinus kikuyu Poaceae
* Cenchrus echinatus Mossman River grass Poaceae photo
* Cenchrus longisetus feathertop Poaceae photo
* Cenchrus pedicellatus subsp. unispiculus annual mission grass Poaceae
* Cenchrus polystachios feathery pennisetum Poaceae
C Cenchrus purpurascens swamp foxtail Poaceae
* Cenchrus purpureus elephant grass Poaceae photo
C Cenchrus robustus burrgrass Poaceae
* Cenchrus setaceus African fountain grass Poaceae photo
* Cenchrus thunbergii sandbur Poaceae
C Chionachne cyathopoda river grass Poaceae
C Chloris divaricata slender finger-grass Poaceae
C Chloris divaricata var. divaricata slender finger-grass Poaceae
* Chloris gayana Rhodes grass Poaceae photo
* Chloris inflata purpletop chloris Poaceae
C Chloris truncata windmill grass Poaceae
C Chloris ventricosa tall chloris Poaceae
* Chloris virgata feathertop rhodes grass Poaceae
* Chrysopogon aciculatus Mackie's pest Poaceae
C Chrysopogon fallax golden beard grass Poaceae
C Chrysopogon filipes Australian vetiver Poaceae
C Chrysopogon oliganthus false beardgrass Poaceae photo
C Chrysopogon sylvaticus vetiver grass Poaceae photo
C Cleistochloa subjuncea cleistochloa Poaceae
C Cymbopogon bombycinus silky oilgrass Poaceae
* Cymbopogon citratus lemon grass Poaceae
* Cymbopogon nardus citronella grass Poaceae
C Cymbopogon obtectus silkyheads Poaceae
C Cymbopogon queenslandicus silkyheads Poaceae
C Cymbopogon refractus barbed-wire grass Poaceae photo
* Cynodon aethiopicus x Cynodon nlemfuensis Bermuda grass Poaceae
* Cynodon dactylon var. dactylon green couch Poaceae
* Cynodon nlemfuensis var. nlemfuensis African stargrass Poaceae
* Cynodon plectostachyus stargrass Poaceae
* Dactylis glomerata cock's-foot grass Poaceae
* Dactyloctenium aegyptium coast button grass Poaceae photo
* Dactyloctenium australe sweet smother grass Poaceae
C Dactyloctenium radulans button grass Poaceae
* Dichanthium annulatum sheda grass Poaceae
* Dichanthium aristatum angleton grass Poaceae
C Dichanthium fecundum curly bluegrass Poaceae
C Dichanthium sericeum subsp. humilius Queensland bluegrass Poaceae
C Dichanthium sericeum subsp. sericeum Queensland bluegrass Poaceae
C Dichanthium tenue small bluegrass Poaceae
C Dichelachne micrantha shorthair plumegrass Poaceae
C Dichelachne montana short-haired plume grass Poaceae photo
C Digitaria bicornis Asia crab grass Poaceae
C Digitaria breviglumis short finger grass Poaceae
C Digitaria brownii cotton panic grass Poaceae
* Digitaria ciliaris summer grass Poaceae
* Digitaria didactyla Queensland blue couch Poaceae
C Digitaria diffusa crab grass Poaceae
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Based on Census of the Queensland Flora.