Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

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Fraser Coast Regional ecosystem information

Regional Ecosystem   12.3.2


Priority   1

Short Description  Eucalyptus grandis tall open forest on alluvial plains

Notes  koala

Comments  12.3.2: Requires fire for regeneration. Habitat fragmented by land uses such as horticulture and rural residential. Much of this RE is prone to infestation by weeds, especially Lantana camara. Highest-rainfall parts of the bioregion._x000D_ 12.3.2a: Highest-rainfall parts of the bioregion.

Special Values  Habitat for threatened plant species including Marsdenia longiloba and near threatened species including Diteilis simmondsii.

Fraser Coast region distribution  Mapped in the centre of the region at Tinana Creek and Myrtle Creek.

Long Description  Eucalyptus grandis +/- E. microcorys, Lophostemon confertus tall open forest with vine forest understorey ('wet sclerophyll'). Patches of Eucalyptus pilularis sometimes present especially in vicinity of sedimentary rocks (e.g. around Palmwoods). Fringing streams and in narrow gullies in high rainfall areas. (BVG1M: 8a)_x000D_ _x000D_ Vegetation communities in this regional ecosystem include: _x000D_ 12.3.2a: Open forest of Eucalyptus resinifera and Syncarpia glomulifera subsp. glomulifera with a wet heath understorey. Other species include Melaleuca linariifolia, Melaleuca sieberi +/- Corymbia gummifera. Narrow gullies in high rainfall areas. Riverine wetland or fringing riverine wetland. (BVG1M: 8a)

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