Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

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Fraser Coast Regional ecosystem information

Regional Ecosystem   12.9-10.2


Priority   2

Short Description  Corymbia citriodora subsp. variegata +/- Eucalyptus crebra open forest on sedimentary rocks

Notes  koala

Comments  Typically occurs in drier sub-coastal environments and is less species rich than 12.9-10.17b.

Special Values  Habitat for threatened plant species including Notelaea lloydii, Grevillea quadricauda, Westringia sericea, Plectranthus habrophyllus

Fraser Coast region distribution  Large inland areas mapped.

Long Description  Corymbia citriodora subsp. variegata open forest or woodland usually with Eucalyptus crebra. Other species such as Eucalyptus tereticornis, E. moluccana, E. acmenoides and E. siderophloia may be present in scattered patches or in low densities. Understorey can be grassy or shrubby. Shrubby understorey of Lophostemon confertus (whipstick form) often present in northern parts of bioregion. Occurs on Cainozoic and Mesozoic sediments. (BVG1M: 10b)

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