Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

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Fraser Coast Regional ecosystem information

Regional Ecosystem   12.11.8


Priority   1

Short Description  Eucalyptus melanophloia, E. crebra woodland on metamorphics +/- interbedded volcanics

Notes  koala

Comments  This RE has been compiled from individual 1:100 000 map sheets in addition to units in Sparshott et al. (1997). Extensively cleared for pasture.

Special Values  

Fraser Coast region distribution  All mapped areas in far south-west of region.

Long Description  Eucalyptus melanophloia usually with E. crebra grassy woodland. Other species such as Corymbia erythrophloia, C. tessellaris, C. clarksoniana may be present in low densities or in patches. Restricted occurrence of Callitris glaucophylla south of Gayndah. Occurs on Palaeozoic and older moderately to strongly deformed and metamorphosed sediments and interbedded volcanics. (BVG1M: 17b)

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