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Vincetoxicum carnosum     (R.Br.) Benth.

This native vine or climber is commonly known as mangrove wax-flower vine.

Vincetoxicum carnosum is described as a "dicot" in the Apocynaceae family.

In the Queensland Nature Conservation Act it is classified as Least Concern. Under the Federal Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act it is not classified.

Previously known as Cynanchum carnosum (Queensland Flora Census 2016). Leaf sap watery. 

It has been recorded in the Wide Bay district in the Queensland Herbarium Census and is listed as occurring in the Fraser Coast region in Queensland Herbarium Wildlife Online.

Reported at 7 Fraser Coast localities: Dundathu, Dundowran Beach, Maryborough, Point Vernon, River Heads, Tinnanbar, Tuan.

Fraser Coast distribution based on unverified field reports.


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