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Murraya crenulata     Oliv.

This native tree is commonly known as Hervey Bay clausena.

Murraya crenulata is described as a "dicot" in the Rutaceae family.

In the Queensland Nature Conservation Act it is classified as Endangered. Under the Federal Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act it is not classified.

Previously known as Clausena smyrelliana (Queensland Flora Census 2017). Only one known site in Fraser Coast region at Dundowran Beach. Survival at ongoing risk from Local Government vegetation management activities. A few records further north in the Burnett and Port Curtis districts. Fraser Coast appears to be the southern limit. Distribution elsewhere ranging from Taiwan and South China to the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, and south-eastwards to New Caledonia and Vanuatu (On the identity of Clausena smyrelliana, and two new combinations in C. anisum-olens (Aurantioideae, Rutaceae, Jean-Francois Molino)). Flowers Nov - Jan, fruit in May (Paul I. Forster Austrobaileya Vol. 5, No. 4 (2000) Queensland Herbarium). ‘Back on Track’ high priority plant species for the Burnett Mary NRM region. Listed as a priority locally significant species in the Fraser Coast Region Threatened Species Action Plan (Ecosure 2019, Stage 2 TSAP for Fraser Coast LGA, version R3, Report to Fraser Coast Regional Council. Brisbane.). 

It has been recorded in the Wide Bay district in the Queensland Herbarium Census and is listed as occurring in the Fraser Coast region in Queensland Herbarium Wildlife Online.

Reported at 1 Fraser Coast locality: Dundowran Beach.

Fraser Coast distribution based on unverified field reports.


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