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This site provides information about the plants and ecosystems of the Fraser Coast region in subtropical eastern Australia. The plant list is based on the Census of the Queensland Flora and Fungi 2023 produced by the Queensland Herbarium and licensed underCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 It includes 3,097 vascular plants recorded in the Wide Bay pastoral district which roughly corresponds to the area of the Mary and lower Burnett River catchments.

Around 185 additional species are included based on field reports where no samples are held by the Herbarium.

Unless otherwise stated plant distribution information is sourced from Australia's Virtual Herbarium Fraser Coast region occurrence list, accessed on 17 September 2020 and licensed underCreative Commons Attribution 4.0. This includes 1,940 vascular plant taxa recorded in the region from original resources/datasets.

The ecosystem list is based on the Regional ecosystem framework Queensland Herbarium (2023) Regional Ecosystem Description Database (REDD). Version 13 (May 2023) (DES: Brisbane) and licensed underCreative Commons Attribution 4.0. It includes all 84 Fraser Coast region ecosystems mapped in Queensland Herbarium Version 13 Regional Ecosystem Mapping. NOTE - Information is provided for those interested in biodiversity issues only and is not relevant for any purpose relating to the Vegetation Management Act 1999.

Fraser Coast ecosystems priority is based on the Regional ecosystems by LGA published by the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation and licensed underCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. Each priority is calculated from past and recent losses of regional ecosystems and the extent in protected areas (last updated 23/02/2017).

All photos used on this site are original works by the attributed photographers.

This site is not endorsed by the data providers. Whilst all care is taken during preparation, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. You are encouraged to refer to original sources and official publications. Comments and feedback are welcome!