Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

Ecosystems of the Fraser Coast Region

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Fraser Coast Regional ecosystem information

Regional Ecosystem   12.5.9


Priority   2

Short Description  Sedgeland to heathland in low lying areas on complex of remnant Tertiary surface and Tertiary sedimentary rocks


Comments  12.5.9a: Habitat is being cleared or impacted by rural residential development in some areas.

Special Values  Habitat for near threatened plant species including Melaleuca cheelii.

Fraser Coast region distribution  Scattered mapped coastal and subcoastal areas.

Long Description  Sedgeland to heathland often with emergent Eucalyptus latisinensis. Characteristic shrubs include Leptospermum spp., Leucopogon spp., Ricinocarpos pinifolius, Strangea linearis, Brachyloma daphnoides, Persoonia virgata, Xanthorrhoea spp., Styphelia viridis, Monotoca scoparia, Woollsia pungens and stunted Allocasuarina littoralis. Includes minor seepage areas containing Banksia robur and Xanthorrhoea fulva. Occurs on complex of remnant Tertiary surfaces and Tertiary sedimentary rocks. Lower slopes. (BVG1M: 29a)_x000D_ _x000D_ Vegetation communities in this regional ecosystem include: _x000D_ 12.5.9a: Melaleuca nodosa low open forest to low closed-forest +/- emergent eucalypts. Occurs on poorly drained areas on remnant Tertiary surfaces including lower slopes. Contains palustrine wetland (e.g. in swales). (BVG1M: 21b)

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